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Friday, August 13, 2010

Part-time Writer’s Lament


Up at 6:30 am. Ran 5K. Took the dogs on my post-run cool down walk (that’s as much as they can manage with his heart condition and her arthritis). Fed the dogs breakfast. Filled the birdfeeders while the dogs ate. Forced six prescription medications into two dogs – one of whom is very creative in his pill resistance. Did a quick e-mail, FB, and blog check. Answered/commented on a couple. Showered and dressed. Drove to work. Worked a little over eight hours (ate lunch at my desk). Drove to the vet’s office, picked up more prescription meds for the dogs. Drove to the re-hab facility where my mother in law is recovering from surgery. Helped her eat dinner and stayed to put her to bed. Drove home. Changed clothes. Fed the dogs dinner. Forced seven prescription medications into two dogs – one of whom is still very creative in his pill resistance. Went through the snail mail. Ate a small dietetic dinner (blech) while reading a couple chapters of my current read. Ignored the housework, laundry, and other chores. Settled down at my desk. Checked e-mail, FB, and blogs. Answered/commented on some. Wrote a short post for my own blog. Now... the rest of the evening is mine. Writing time!

But it’s (yawn) almost 11:00.

Why aren’t my creative juices flowing?

I'm currently enjoying: A Murder Hatched by Donna Andrews

Quote of the day: If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write. ~ Stephen King


Dru said...

I hope today is a better and your writing muse starts to flow.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Thanks, Dru.

You know, it's not so much a muse issue as one of time. My muse was following me around most of the day. Had a couple ideas while running, scribbled a quick note or two at work. My problem is, by 11:00, all my muse and I wanted to do was watch the Burn Notice I'd DVR'ed and go to bed.

Maria Zannini said...

hmm...I'm seeing a lot of 'dog' time in here. :grin:

Sounds like you need a break, Linda.

Catch a movie or go out to dinner--sans pooches.

MaryC said...

Hi Linda,
I completely understand. That's how I am during the school year. I make sure I get something down every day (just to keep my head in the story) but sometimes my brain is just too tired to do much more.

I thought from your profile that you had retired. Writing after working 8 hours is tough! Maybe the weekend will find you with more energy.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Maria - the dogs don't really take that much time but it's easier to blame them than to dwell on the time spent at the re-hab center. Some things just have to take priority.

(I hardly ever take the dogs to the movies. They always want too much butter on their popcorn.)

Mary - I imagine the school year is a nightmare from a writing perspective.

I'm actually retiring in December. I jumped the gun a little on my profile but I started this blog just after the decision was made and it felt like a done deal at the time. I wasn't thinking about the fact that I still had several months to go.

MaryC said...

Just checking in to see how the weekend's going. The weather here has gotten so fabulous that I'm suddenly full of energy.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Hey, Mary!

Nice to hear from you on a Saturday afternoon. Weather wise, we started off hot and muggy but about an hour ago the sky opened up and it feels like this rain might just cool things off a little. I've been able to get in some writing time today (around the re-hab center visits). I'm still wrestling with how to trim another 20,000 words while tracking down all the evil head hops. Feels like I'm chasing my tail.

So what are you doing with all that new found energy?

Karin said...

Hi Linda! I love it that your Muse keeps reporting for duty even on the busiest days. Just think of all the distractions of a busy life as research that can be tapped later. My favorite authors have real life experience with their subject matter. Think of Nevada Barr or Jonathan Kellerman. Who knows when dealing with aging pets or aging parents will work its way into a story line? And December is not that far away when you can get down to the full-time business of writing! Karin

Linda Leszczuk said...

Hey Karin - what a nice surprise to find you here. I know you don't have much time for surfing these days.

I have toyed with the idea of trying to working some of my Red Cross disaster experiences into my writing - haven't found a way yet.

Thinking of you all the time and sending our prayers and best wishes your direction.