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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Moaning

Some days I sit down to write and it’s just not happening. It’s my own fault…I’ll check my e-mail hoping to find something to answer or I’ll organize my in-box a little. Then over to my blog list to read and comment. And read the comments that came after my comment. Facebook is always good to kill some time. I read what everyone’s up to and toss in my two cents here and there. And if I run out of ways to procrastinate, there’s always Spider Solitaire.

Yesterday was different. I had the whole evening to write and I was ready, I’d worked out the sequence of events, I could hear the dialogue, I just had to get it all down. My only distraction was getting the laundry done – which works in nicely because it gives me those little ‘walk away’ moments to think as I move loads from the washer to the dryer, from the dryer to the folding table (or hanging rod). I was on a roll!

Until I popped downstairs to do one of those laundry moves and stepped into cold water. The basement was flooded. The main line was blocked and all the water draining from the washer had backed up (along with other, less desirable water) through the floor drain. The multiple loads of laundry I had left sorted on the floor acted like sponges, sopping up the incoming flow but not enough to save the carpet in the finished section. Luckily, we own a wet-vac so we were able to take care of some of the mess but I still have a basement full of sodden laundry and soaked carpet and we can’t use anything in the house that would send water into that blocked line without re-flooding the basement.

So now it’s Monday morning and I’m home waiting for the plumber. And I'm trying to write and it’s not happening. Don’t you hate it when life gets in your way like that?

Maybe I’ll play some Spider Solitaire.


Kit Courteney said...


That's SO not good!

MaryC said...

The plumbing gods must be angry. I had a similar situation with my kitchen sink last night. Of course it was full of dishes when I realized the drain was blocked so I had to bail out buckets and carry them into the toilet.

Not so serious as yours but it definitely played havoc with my writing hours.

And yes I must be the last house in America without a dishwasher. Normally I don't mind because the running water helps my plotting. Still, dirty water - not so much.

Dru said...

How did you do on Spider Solitaire, a game I love.

Linda Leszczuk said...

What a day. The plumber snaked tree roots out of the main line and we're back in business. Except for the clean up. Blech.

And in the middle of it all we got my mother in law moved from the hospital to a rehab facility, even with the only main road to the rehab place closed for construction. But that's another story.

Kit, thanks for feeling my pain.

Mary, hope your sink problem is fixed. Can't plot if you can't wash. :-)

Dru - I can usually hit the 1170's on the medium level. Never have mastered the four suits level.
(And Dru, please check my post tomorrow.)