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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Honest Politician

For most of my life, there was only one King of Late Night TV and that was Johnny Carson.  No matter where we lived or what was going on in the world, the day always ended with the Johnny.  There will never be another like him.

Since it's Friday, and I like a little nonsense to wrap up the week, I'm sharing a clip I came across recently.  This is Johnny, the "honest" politician.  Enjoy.

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So...any plans for the weekend?

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I'm currently enjoying: The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H. Cook (been doing a lot of writing so not much reading)

Groaner of the Day: (I'll apologize for this one up front.)

It was a hot summer's day and Luke was in the marina having a few beers aboard his boat, patriotically named "The Fourth of July". He was waiting for his friend, Opie, to arrive so they could go for a cruise.

Opie was late, unfortunately, because he had to pick up his wife from her appointment with the obstetrician. Her examinations were cheap because the doctor, a fellow named Juan, was Opie's cousin. Anyway, the appointment went over time, and Opie was late getting to the marina.

Luke had been drinking all this time and was feeling no pain. When he saw Opie finally walking down the pier, he jumped up, staggered to the side of the boat to wave to his friend, and nearly fell in! Opie got there just in time to grab Luke.

Thus, it was that O.B. Juan's kin, Opie, saved Luke from falling to the dock side of The Fourth.

(Hey, I apologized, didn't I?)


Dru said...

you'll have to beg for my forgiveness for today's groaner.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Aw, Dru. That bad, huh?

Mason Canyon said...

Oh I miss the days of Johnny Carson. Maybe life seems better then because you always went to bed after having a few good laughs with Johnny. I think we could still use that lie detector today. LOL. Where do you find your groaners? :)

Thoughts in Progress

Maria Zannini said...

I miss Johnny Carson. No one's ever been able to replace him.

Ref: Mason said: Where do you find your groaners? :)

Mason, the sooner we find where she's getting her puns. The sooner we can stop her. She's addicted!

Linda Leszczuk said...

Mason - Nothing against Jay or David or whoever, but they really don't compare, do they?

My groaners? You want me to reveal my sources? That would be telling.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Maria - And I doubt anyone ever will.

Ref my groaners, at least I put them at the bottom of my post for those of you with no sense of humor.

See, Mason...this is why I dare not reveal my sources. Maria would cut me off.

Mary Kennedy said...

Great blog, Linda! I was fortunate enough to go to Johnny Carson's last show. I was out in Hollywood doing some "celeb" interviews for Gannett (I put "celeb" in quotes because some of my interview subjects were teen stars who have since faded into oblivion.) I was over at NBC, chatting with a page in the coffee shop and he asked me if I'd like VIP tickets for my husband and myself for Johnny's last show that night. Would I ever! I was thrilled. We had front row seats and it was terrific. Carson was so relaxed and wonderful with the audience, he chatted with everyone during commercials, it was a GREAT show. He was a class act and is sadly of a kind.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Mary - Wow! What a great experience.

I saw what I think may have been Johnny’s last TV appearance. It was on the David letterman show and Johnny did an unannounced walk on. Letterman seemed genuinely floored so I don’t think it was planned. The crowd went into a wild standing ovation. Johnny stood there for a couple minutes, nodded his thanks then tried to get them to stop. Crowd kept cheering. Johnny started tearing up and left. Crowd kept cheering for several more minutes before someone told David that Johnny had left the studio. Johnny never said a word. I think he could have stood there the entire show and the crowd would have kept cheering.

Mary Kennedy said...

Fred DeCordova was the producer--it was fascinating to watch him pacing back and forth. Bob Hope was a guest, telling a long monologue about "Taipei"...and DeCordova kept muttering under his breath, "Taiwan, Taiwan!" Right before the closing credits, Carson said, "Well, folks, we just have time for two more stories." And Fred DeCordova waved at him and held up one finger. Carson said quickly, "Make that ONE more story." It was definitely a fun experience and having a backstage pass made it even more enjoyable. One of the few perks of writing A & E stuff...

N. R. Williams said...

LOL Linda, I'd say you have humor down. Excellent.

Thank you for your comment about my book. I am thrilled you want to enter this fantasy writer's contest. Only thing is, you forgot to leave your email. You can go back and leave another comment with your email or you can go to my blog and leave a comment with your email or both if you want to enter the contest. I have the link up to all the previous post and also check those everyday to catch any late readers.
I'm following you now. Two thumbs up!
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Karin said...

Loved the Johnny Carson clip!! Wish all politicians would wear a lie detector. Great groaner as well. I always smile when reading your blog.


Linda Leszczuk said...

Mary - that's a great memory to have. I envy you that one.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Nancy - Thank you so much for coming by and for Following me. I've added another comment to your post on Make Mine Mystery with my address. Thanks for the follow-up.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Hi Karin. And it always makes me smile to find a comment from you.