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Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Day

I had a little send off party at work yesterday.  It was a day before my last day but everyone was at the main office for a quarterly all-staff meeting so we just tied the two together.  I didn't want a party but it wasn't so bad.  There were a couple surprise guests that I was tickled to see and I received some lovely gifts, including a very generous gift card from the same bookstore we did the readings at last week.  Plus a couple gift sets of assorted teas - I drink a lot of tea while I write.  And there was some reminiscing, some old memories to enjoy.

Then it was back to work.  Still some things to be wrapped up before I'm done.  We'll probably be working right up to close of business on Friday.

A co-worker came by to return a book I'd lent him.  Deep South by Nevada Barr.  He really enjoyed it and I was about to offer to bring in another when I remembered I wouldn't be there to get it back.  I'll miss that - lending books back and forth at work and discussing the ones we've shared.

It struck me just before I left that I've managed to get my office all cleaned up for the next guy but my house is a mess.  I should have left the office mess for him and cleaned my own space.

I'm going to wear a Red Sox t-shirt for my last day.  Our CEO is a Sox fan, too, so he'll appreciate it.  In fact, I'm leaving him the big Red Sox decal that graces the glass in my office door.

This is going to feel very strange today.  Finishing up the last few bits of work.  Taking down the last of my pictures.  Turning in my keys.  Saying goodbye.

But next week, if someone should ask what I do, the answer will be simple...I'm a writer.

Wish me luck.

Countdown to retirement and writing full time: Last Day

I'm currently enjoying: The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters

Groaner of the Day: Two boll weevils grew up in the Deep South. One went to Hollywood and became a famous actor. The other stayed behind in the cotton fields and never amounted to much. The second one, naturally, became known as the lesser of two weevils.


Dru said...

I'm glad you're leaving with good memories.

I can't wait for Monday to be chatting with a full-time writer.

Nice groaner.

Maria Zannini said...


Don't be surprised if you leave early today. I was scrambling to the last minute to get everything done when my boss walks up to me and says: Why are you still here? Go.

Nobody had to tell me twice. LOL.

Re: ...if someone should ask what I do, the answer will be simple...I'm a writer.

Darlin', you were already a writer. You just had two jobs.

Mason Canyon said...

Have fun on your last day. I agree with Maria, you were already a writer who just had a second job. BTW, cute groaner.

Thoughts in Progress

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Regardless of the reason, the last day at work is always tough as some good friends are being left behind. Hope it all goes smoothly. Happy writing.

Karin said...

Congratulations, Linda. I missed the people I worked with but never the stress when I retired. You can always do lunch with them. You will have so much more flexibility As Dr. Suess said Oh the Places You'll go. Hope we can do some more traveling together!!


Linda Leszczuk said...

Thanks, Dru. I'm looking forward to that Monday chat as well.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Maria - Actually, I didn't get out of there until way late. Left too much wrap up stuff for the last day. But I'm out now. :grin:

Linda Leszczuk said...

Thanks, Mason. (And thanks, Maria, too, for that writer comment.)

Am I starting to create groaner fans?

Linda Leszczuk said...

Jane - One advantage of being a procrastinator is I had so much stuff to finish up today, I missed a lot of long goodbyes. This is a good thing. Thanks for the good wishes.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Karin - As soon as Nami's well, the four of us are heading for New York. I'm looking forward to it. (Miss you guys.)

Shellie said...

Retirement sounds like a wonderful thing. Interesting that you are defining yourself as a writer now. When I was between job and people asked me what I did, I simply said I was unemployed. I suspect that when I retire, I'll say I'm retired. I write all the time, I don't know why I don't define myself as that. But I'm going to work on adding it to my 'what do you do answer'. You have to see yourself the way you want others to see you, right? Here's wishing you many congrats and no regrets!

Linda Leszczuk said...

Shellie, I want to look at writing as my new full time job, rather than that thing I've always done in my spare time. I think that's the only way I'll give it the level of committment I need to have any chance of getting published. Thanks for the good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Last day ...whoo hoo! I remember my last day. A bitter sweet memory. But you get used to it fast. Now you'll have lots of time to write. Enjoy!

mattleszczuk said...

Good thing you got out when you did, now you don't have to drive inthe bad weather. Hey but come to think of it, the weather was't bad until you left work, now we've had a week of cold and snow. 2 snow days for the kids and a delay. Maybe we need to send you back to work LOL.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Stephen - well, so far I haven't even found time to keep up with my blog. But that's a Christmas thing. Looking forward to the New Year and finding my new "normal" - which will include lots of time to write.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Sorry, Matt - you can't blame the bad weather on me. But I'm glad I don't have to be out in it. :-)