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Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Things

I saw this on Maria's blog and on Dru's blog so here's mine. I tried to include at least one thing in each category that wouldn't be on everyone's list. If you do this meme, please let me know so I can read yours.

5 things always in my purse
Too easy - I don't carry a purse. If it doesn't fit in my pockets, it doesn't go with me.

5 things always in my pockets
cell phone, keys, reading glasses, wallet, lucky coins

5 things always in my wallet
driver's license, credit card, medical insurance card, Red Cross Disaster Volunteer ID, grandkids pictures

5 things always in my refrigerator
milk, cheese, eggs, juice, dog food

5 things always in my closet
shirts, pants, blazers, three different sizes of clothes, assorted Red Sox gear

5 things always in my car
phone charger, umbrella, CD's, first aid kit, hair brush (necessity if you drive a soft top)

5 things always on my desk
computer, piles of paper, correspondence waiting to be answered, notepads, half finished mug of tea

Hope to see yours.


Dru said...

How deep are your pockets? I'm afraid if I put anything in my pockets, it will fall out.

Maria Zannini said...

That's a lot of stuff to carry in pockets.

I don't carry a purse, but I do wear a butt pack. --less chance of me losing it.

Ref: charger
Ooh, thanks for reminding me. I just bought a charger for my cell and I need to put that puppy in the car before I forget.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Dru and Maria - Well, I fudged a little bit. I was counting jacket pockets. If I'm not wearing any sort of a jacket or blazer, my reading glasses are probably tucked into my collar or hooked onto my ID lanyard if I'm at work. But I shop with an eye for pockets. Except for fancy dress wear - which I avoid whenever possible - if something doesn't have enough pocket space, I just don't buy it.

Maria - in addition to a regular car charger, I have a hand crank powered flashlight with a cell phone adapter. That way if I'm stranded somewhere with a dead car and a phone that's low on juice, I can hand charge it. Handy item to have. (I haven't worked with the Red Cross all these year for nothing.)

Thanks for commenting.

jackie b central texas said...

Linda, I am glad not the only one who normally does not carry a purse around. A lot of times my stuff is hooked on the front of my jeans or shirt {glasses and keys} and my wallet with necessary ID and insurance is in my pocket of my pants. My cell goes in my top shirt pocket or my front jeans pocket if shirt has none...

So far now there are 4 of us that I know of and glad to learn the mundane and trivial items I have are pretty normal for the rest of the world too!


My 5 Things hope you can come by and check out my lists if you have time... ^_^

Linda Leszczuk said...

Purseless women of the world unite!

Dru said...

you guys have got to tell me how do you do it without a purse. The bulky item in my purse is my wallet.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Dru -

I have two wallets. One lives in my desk and holds everything you could put in a wallet. The other just holds the things I truly need with me all the time. Driver's License (and a reduced size copy of my registration and proof of insurance for the car), two credit cards, ATM card, medical insurance card, another ID, and my grandkids' pictures (won't leave home without 'em). These fit very nicely into a small flat wallet I can tuck into (preferably) a back pocket.

As far as the purse goes, I just decided I didn't need to haul all that stuff around all the time - and most of the time I'm right. (Occasionly I have to borrow something from one of my purse-carrying friends, but not often.)

Try it some time.

Jodi said...

To purse or not to purse, is a question answered by another question. Do you have kids?
I challenge anyone with a child under the age of 5 to leave the house without the essentials, (Baby wipes, toy, snack, a least one debt card so you don’t have to go in the gas station, and extra strength Excedrin) Oh how I miss my no purse days.

Dru said...

I'm going to try the no purse thing. But first I need to see how deep are my pants pocket.

Linda Leszczuk said...

Jodi - Diaper/kid packs are a whole separate category. Absolute necessity if there are kids involved.

Dru - If you're having trouble, consider waiting until fall when you can work jacket pockets into the mix. Cut down on your 'carry space' gradually. :-)

MaryC said...

Hi Linda,

I was thinking about my lists and realized how different it is being a city dweller. I don't keep anything in my car because a) it might get stolen ;) and b) I hardly ever use it. We drive more to change with alternate side of the street parking than to go anywhere.

I'm also another one of those who doesn't carry a purse if I can help it. Not that I don't have a ton of them. My sisters always give me theirs when they buy new ones. Maybe they're hoping I'll give in and carry one. I do carry a tote bag going back and forth to school and a fanny pack when walking the dog.

This list would also be a great way for writers to get to know their characters! I'll have to ask my MC if she has a purse and what's in it.

Todd said...

No purse.
Always have wallet,keys and a comb -- each in a particular pocket so I know where they are.
Wallet hasn't changed in years .. standard stuff and very little money
Fridge always has milk and beer. Food varies, but you gotta have beverages!
Car is a mess ... fire department uniforms, Red Cross vest and badge, hiking gear (boots,water, snack bars), spare jackets, ham radios, first aid kit, hiking stick, flashlights. I am a portable disaster response kit on wheels.